New Tunnel Entrance

08.08.17 09:00

Find out more about the new entrance to the tunnel

New Tunnel Entrance

If you’ve been down to Roker seafront recently you will have noticed a hive of activity on the pier. Alongside the pier repairs, work has begun on the construction of an entrance structure for the pier tunnel. With work underway, we thought we’d take the opportunity to let you know what you can expect once the work is complete.

Once complete, the entrance structure will allow visitors to safely descend into the tunnel which runs beneath the length of the pier, this means that, public tours of the pier, tunnel and lighthouse will be able to take place.

Tunnel and lighthouse tours will allow visitors to experience the pier in a new way. Our volunteer heritage guides will take people below the pier deck and through the pier tunnel, emerging at the lighthouse. Once in the lighthouse, visitors will be able to see the lighthouse in all its glory. The recent restoration has been completed sympathetically, bringing it back to what it would have looked like when it was built in 1903. 

With such a rich history connected to the pier and lighthouse, we’re looking forward to sharing this heritage with you. You’ll also hear details of the fascinating people who were part of its construction and operation, as well as the history of the local area.

In addition to the construction of the new entrance structure, repairs to the pier are also well underway. The pier has been closed since early November 2016 when gale force winds and huge waves washed away more than 100 metres of railings and the coping stones they were fixed to. The repair work will replace:

- 800 metres of modern railing with historic replica railings

- 100 metres of granite copings

- 1600 metres of bottom mesh panels with a low level rail

- 800 metres of historic railings will also be repaired and repainted

We’ll be launching our first tours as soon as construction and repair works are complete. Preparation for tours is well underway, read about our research visits to the Victoria Tunnel and Killhope Mining Museum in our blogs. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page to ensure you’re the first to find out about the tours.

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