Celebrating the Pier's 113th Anniversary

29.09.16 09:30

Friday 23rd September 2016 marked the 113th anniversary of the opening of Roker Pier and Lighthouse

To commemorate the day we opened our doors to a number of special guests.

We welcomed seventy members of the Association of Lighthouse Keepers for a tour of the tunnel and lighthouse. It was a pleasure to welcome the ALK to the lighthouse which includes serving and former keepers, as well as lighthouse enthusiasts and those interested in preserving the heritage of such buildings.Their members come from right across the globe, ranging from Australia to the USA and across Europe.

It is great to see Roker Lighthouse restored and welcoming visitors, first as part of the Heritage Open Days and now with this special tour taking place. With work being carried out on the pier and lighthouse for a number of years now, the completion of the restoration combined with the visit from the Association of Lighthouse Keepers has been a fitting tribute to this incredible landmark’s anniversary.

Visitors to the lighthouse have offered really positive feedback so everyone at the Roker Heritage Group is looking forward to being able to share the lighthouse’s history with even more of you soon. With a rich history relating to the build of the lighthouse, as well as the people who were part of its construction and operation, we’re keen to share these tales and get your support in preserving such an incredible building.

The tour of the lighthouse experienced by the Association of Lighthouse Keepers was a preview of the tour available to the public from next month, so keep your eyes peeled for more information on that soon!


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